Services for machines

The company IMH GmbH is into the area tool-machines- grinding- twirling- drilling and treatment-centers active.

We offer on this area our service. This is valid especially for ELB-grinding-  and profile-machines totally which electrical or mechanical execution.

Over 40 years working-experience, away 30 years alone at the company ELB/ ELB-GmbH as construction-leaders and also as manager (1960 until 1990) and the strong will to new developments and technologies, as well as into the mechanical engineerings, as also in the control-technology (CNC- SPS- Servo) has brought us success.

The service for old ELB machines is guaranteed also.

Our service-specialists are standing to you as soon as possible to disposal.

Do you have a question or you require  help??- do please call us !!

Spare part-repair and delivery.

Of course we stand to you also for repair- sparepart and-delivery- revision, as well as for precision-scraping- and straightening-works through our experienced personnel to the disposal.

We offer top-quality for real prices!!